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NFL star Cam Newton shines in the September issue of GQ Magazine. Inside, the Carolina Panther opens up about the Superbowl, his new son Chosen, his thoughts on racism in America and the infamous North Carolina Bathroom Law as well as his genuine passion for fashion and young people.

“I went to school to study sociology. You know, and that’s something that really gets my attention. I don’t look at things through color lenses. I don’t look at things through genetic images or whatever. Their sex. I just love the different type of vibes people bring. I try to alleviate any type of bad energy. But I could care less. I love a person because of who they are. And that’s who I am. So whatever you are personally, I don’t care. You know, if you a good person, you a good person. No matter what anything, from religion to politically to, you know, sex preferences—”

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