Ray Cornelius focuses on four sub-categories related to entertainment; Recap, Respect and Rising-Ent. Feel free to read, explore and enjoy! 


From the stage to the screen, to cultural influences that touch us all.  This section will give the readers a weekly “run down” of black entertainment’s top stories and celebrity news-makers.


Whether  we discuss a classic hero or a modern day wonder. This section will focus on giving honor to those who have, and are currently making a difference. R-E-S-P-E-C-T is giving “props” where it is due!

Rising – Ent

It’s all about up and coming actors, directors, producers and artistic genuises. This section will place the spotlight on the best in new and undiscovered talent!

RC Exclusive – Ent

In this section you will get the chance to read live interviews conducted by Ray Cornelius with notable entertainers in diverse arenas. Enjoy and discover a new star!