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Supermodel Tyson Beckford had no problem calling out the fashion industry recently for its lack of ethnic models on the runway.  The 43-year-old fashion muse and actor was being interviewed by The Huffington Post when he was asked his opinion about ‘diversity’ in male modeling.

“Out of all the industries I find — me personally and I think that a lot of people will agree with me — that fashion is very racist,” said Beckford.

Although he has been a staple on catwalks and fashion campaigns for over 20 years now, Beckford admits the industry has been slow to embrace all races and doesn’t totally represent all of its consumers.

“There was a time when you would only see guys like me and Marcus [Schenkenberg] out there. You wouldn’t see Asian. You wouldn’t see Latino. Fashion is a business where everyone buys clothes, everyone from every race.  So they [fashion shows] should be represented by different models and different faces not just always the same “blond haired blue-eyed” or the “black guy with the shaved head.”  It needs to expand a little bit,”  says Beckford.

Check out the rest of his interview below:

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