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Beyoncé‘s fashion stylists Ty Hunter and Raquel Smith recently stopped through Atlanta for a one day networking event titled “Let’s Talk” and my RC correspondents, Mahoghani Dawn and A. Raquel, were there to capture the sights and sounds. The private event took place at The Bailey Agency and featured an intimate Q&A session between the stylists and aspiring designers, bloggers and fashion enthusiasts.

letstalk008Hunter and Smith have been working together with the megastar for over 10 years now and have become fashion icons in their own right. He told me during our exclusive radio interview for UPFRONT that “Let’s talk,” was birth out of their desire to help the next generation of stylists make their mark in the fashion industry.

“‘Let’s Talk started’ for me and Raquel from fans wanting to know how to jump into the business and being a stylist and wanting to know our story” said Hunter.

letstalk013Topics discussed during “Let’s Talk” included establishing relationships with showrooms, traveling, creating your brand and tackling parenthood. And while the event was specifically geared towards those seeking a career in fashion, it was open to anyone with a passion or dream.

“This is more about motivating people and knowing that you can step out on faith and be what you want to be. I’m a country boy from Texas, who had a vision and didn’t let my environment keep me going far. I pray that everyone will walk away and be motivated and pump up for their next transition in life,” said Hunter.

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