Posted by | Ray Cornelius

Comedian turned media mogul Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie open up about their relationship for the February issue of ESSENCE. Harvey posted the new magazine cover on his Facebook page earlier today with the caption: “My beautiful wife and I are on the cover of ESSENCE Magazine’s February Issue. In stores today! Get your copy.”

Inside, Harvey admits that much of his success—talk show, best selling books, blockbuster films—is due to his loving wife.  “Everything I have,” he says and points to his wife of seven years, “is because of this girl right here.”

He also goes on to define what being a great  husband is really all about.  “Every great man has a woman… I didn’t say successful man, I said great man. Yeah, maybe you’re successful if you sign a $16 million NBA contract. But greatness is when you’re the husband and father you’re supposed to be. When everyone surrounding you looks up to you, depends on you, and you come through for them. That’s greatness.”

“Do you think Dr. Martin Luther King was anything without Coretta? You take Michelle out of Barack Obama’s equation, and he is a whole other dude out there,”  says Harvey.

Check out the full cover below and don’t forget to pick up a copy of the February issue today!

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