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Last March, we reported that Academy-award winning actor and director, Forest Whitaker had been taped to direct the long-awaiting biopic on the tumultuous life of comedic icon, Richard Pryor.

Now it appears that Whitaker is out and Butler  director,  Lee Daniels has picked up the project along with backing from The Weinstein Company (TWC). According to THR, Daniels is on board to direct the film and will once again team up with TWC, who is fully prepared to finance and release the project.

Veteran actors Eddie Murphy and Marlon Wayans are still said to be top contenders for the lead role of Pryor. However newcomer, Michael B. Jordan has also become a top pick considering the entire buzz he’s received for his portrayal of Oscar Grant in Fruitvale Station. The only problem is that Jordan’s fairly young (26-years-old) and much of the film is supposed to cover Pryor’s life from his 30’s on up.

Pryor’s widow Jennifer Lee Pryor is still on board and will continue to serve as a consultant for the film.  She also owns the personal journals of her late husband and will use them as points of reference for the project.

A biopic about Pryor’s life would definitely be a hot ticket considering he is viewed by all comedians as the “most important and influential stand-up comic of all time.”

RC will keep you posted as this project continues to develop.

Who do you think should be play Richard Pryor?

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