My life is probably more interesting and dangerous than some of the movies I’ve done,” states Pam Grier.  Fortunately,  a biopic of her life is underway!  Pam Grier is the iconic African-American female sex symbol and action star from the 70′s who launched an era of films that became known as “Blaxploitation” movies!

Imprint Entertainment has acquired the film rights to Foxy:  My Life In Three ActsFoxy is Pam Grier’s account on her life, past and present.  In her book she reveals her relationships with Richard Pryor, Freddie Prinze Sr., Kareem Abdul-Jabbar; time spent with John Lennon, Harry Nilson and Peter Lawford; along with her battle with cancer and other dark accounts of her personal life.

Who will play ‘Foxy’?  Well Pam tells Pastemagazine, “It will have to be someone that can portray those terrible moments that influenced my life.  And I won’t know that until I sit down and talk with them.  Whether that’s Beyonce or Rihanna or Vivica or Thandie or Zoe or Kerry, there’s probably at least 15 actors that in a perfect world would be great.  But you don’t know if they can actually recreate what I went through.”

Tell us who you think should play the icon!

Source:  Deadline

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