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DCI Luther will find love in the new series, reveals the show’s star Idris Elba!

Pulled in every direction, Luther’s patience is wearing thin and a car crash, as
he rushes to the second crime scene, is the last thing he needs – or so he
thinks, until he sets eyes on the beautiful Mary Day. Could this chance
encounter mean that Luther might just be on the verge of finding love?

BBC MediaCentre interviewed the Golden-Globe winning star about the crime drama, below are excerpts of what Elba shared about Luther:

How has Luther changed since series one?

He’s gone through a lot of trauma, each time you go through anything bad in your life, it makes you a bit more reflective, and it definitely scars you in some way, this series he’s looking for peace. He’s very much in love with a woman he meets and is in a different kind of relationship now, he loves her and he’s going for it. This series is very much about Luther trying to get to the finish line and trying to change his life.

What does the new love story bring to the series?

Luther can be quite a dark and gloomy character and to be in love is good for him. I think he welcomes this relationship with open arms. It’s good to see him in love and to see him smiling and enjoying himself. It’s part of the idea of getting to know him a bit more and seeing what he’s like with a lover. In Luther’s style, things probably won’t go to plan but it certainly helps to get to know Luther a bit better.

Is Luther capable of romance considering his demons?

I think Luther wants a really great relationship and I think he’s going for it. Considering Luther’s job and how dedicated he is to his work I think it’s tough for him to relax and be a boyfriend but I think he gives it a good attempt. His marriage failed because of his work and he’s putting a lot of work into making things better this time.

What do you like about playing Luther?

I love the depth of character and I feel like I know him really well now. I love playing him but he’s so absorbing and it’s hard to separate myself from Luther when I’m playing him. I like that he challenges me as an actor and the writing is really good. We always attract really good actors.

Luther has a ruthless ex-copper after him this series, can you tell us a bit more?

We introduce a new character, George Stark this series. Set up as Luther’s arch nemesis he’s a formidable character played by David O’Hara who’s a really good actor. There are some really interesting scenes where Luther is being challenged and George is so in Luther’s face. Also Erin Gray sides with George and goes for Luther. It’s a great storyline and a great part for David and I think fans might get a thrill out of watching Luther be handled like this.

To read the interview in its entirety, click here.

Luther fans, do you want to see DCI Luther in love?  [youtube id=”_5yY7MOUKIs” width=”600″ height=”350″]