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You do not need eyes to see!

Actor/DJ-turned-Director Idris Elba stars in and helms folk rock band’s, Mumford & Sons , masterpiece Lover Of The Light!

Lover Of The Light, a song that has been a favorite in the band’s live set for a little while now, has finally received some light of its own.

The video, directed by Idris Elba, debuted at midnight last night; Elba tweeted:

I want to share this with you… I wrote & directed this video for @MumfordAndSons Very proud amazing song ->

Lover Of The Light will be officially released in the UK on 3rd December but is available now as part of Babel, the band’s sophomore release.

Enjoy the video below; this is a must-see:[youtube id=”nMJUbZrNnA8″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

At the 54th Grammy Awards, Mumford & Sons revealed, “We’ve been fortunate to work with some great directors but we’ve never really enjoyed being in videos. Talking to Idris and Dan (Cadan, scriptwriter) about making a video that we’re not in made it a lot more fun.

“They wrote the treatment after our ale-infused conversation in a pub in London.  What they directed we are proud to present.”