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If the director of the upcoming live action version of “Lion King” has his way, pop music diva, Beyoncé will be the voice of Nala.

According to VARIETY, Jon Favreau‘s top choice for Simba’s female companion goes to the “flawless” singer and actress if she wants it. The only problem is that Bey is currently pregnant with twins and may not be available for taping. However, Favreau is apparently “willing to do whatever it takes” to secure her in this role and will work around her schedule to make it happen.

As previously reported, veteran actor and the original voice of Mufasa, James Earl Jones is already tied to the project as well as “Atlanta” actor Donald Glover who will portray the film’s star—Simba.

Check out a lyric video below of Heather Headley performing “Shadowland.” It’s Nala’s signature solo that is performed in the Broadway musical version of the film. While this song is not in the original movie, I’m sure Favreau will make an exception and allow Bey to perform it.

Shout out to my college buddy and Broadway star Kissy Simmons, who is the featured actress in the video and appeared in the show during the early 2000s.

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