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Don’t worry, it hit me too!….

Last week I peeped a pic of Queen Bey and her hubby leaving a restaurant & zoomed in on Beyoncé’s earrings…

Beyoncé wore Obama earrings from 36-year-old Latina jewelry designer Erika Peña and they have already sold 1,300 of the 1,500 she made since Bey rocked them.  ABC news interviewed Peña about her boom in sales and she said things has been so busy she had to get her cousins to come in and help!

The earrings are only sold on Peña’s website for now.  The gold-plated ones sell for $32, and the silver-plated ones for $28.  Don’t fret if you don’t get the earrings now, Peña said she will remix the design and create something even better if President Barack Obama wins the election next week.

Check out what Peña told ABC:

I made these earrings over the summertime just for me, and every time I’d wear them, people would compliment me,” she tells us. “So then I thought, I’ll make an order of 1,500. I sent a pair to Beyonce, because I had worked with her on her B’Day album. I ended up sending her six pairs total because her stylist Ty Hunter said she wanted a pair for her sister Solange and another pair to give to Oprah, too. That was like a month ago and I hadn’t heard back, so I was like ‘gosh, maybe she doesn’t like them,’ but it turns out she loves them. And then she wore them and Ty called on Sunday to say, ‘get ready because this is going to blow up!'”

I want a pair:(