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Superstar siblings Beyoncé and Solange took time out of their busy schedules recently to chat with The New York Times about their beloved mother, Miss Tina. Bey opened up (via email) to the paper about her mother’s influence and how important the arts and positive Black images were to the Knowles household.

“I think it was important to my mother to surround us with positive, powerful, strong images of African and African-American art so that we could reflect and see ourselves in them,” Beyoncé said.

“My mother has always been invested in making women feel beautiful,” she added, “whether it was through someone sitting in her hair chair or making a prom dress for one of the girls at church. And her art collection always told the stories of women wanting to do the same.”

Solange also talked about why it was so important for her to include Miss Tina’s words of wisdom on her groundbreaking music project, A Seat at the Table.  “She says things in that interlude that I had been trying to say for the last four years. But my mother has a very special way of communicating, a very special channel that she speaks through that has always felt bigger than her.”

Miss Tina is the subject of an extensive interview that profiles her career as lover of all things beauty including hair, fashion and the visual arts. Miss Tina also dishes about her future ambitions including a new autobiography and the opening of an actor’s workshop in L.A. with her new husband and veteran actor, Richard Lawson.

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