Written by | Ray Cornelius 

TLC’s Chilli recently helped fans get in shape by participating in Macy’s #GoYou health and wellness initiative. The event took place at Atlanta’s famed Lenox Square Mall and featured two workout sessions led by the iconic Grammy-winning singer. Participants got a chance to sweat it out to her new dance single, “Body” and her new Beachbody video featuring “Mr. Insanity” Shaun T. For Chilli, a consistent exercise regiment is just one of the ways she maintains her amazing figure.


“I want people to know that exercising doesn’t always equal work. I think when people think about exercising they think it’s going to be hard work. There’s so many different ways to work out. Like, I am not a jogger. I can’t do it. (LOL) You would think that I can but I am telling you I can’t do it. So you have to find something that speaks to you. For some people it’s spin and for others it’s weight training or dancing. But whatever it is, stick to it,” says Chilli.


The pint-sized singer also stressed the importance of “clean eating” and the numerous benefits it offers.  “It is all about what you eat. You can work out six or seven days a week but if you’re eating bread and heavy soups with creams then that can be a problem. When you work out and eat like that you won’t see results. So you have to change your diet and switch over to the clean side. You also have to put away certain things and it has to become a way of life.”


In addition to the new partnership, Chilli has also been working it out in the studio with T-Boz for their upcoming album which she claims is almost done. “We recorded most of the album in L.A. but we can not polish it off without that ATL flavor in there. We’re actually about to start recording with some producers here (ATL) in two weeks and I am beyond excited about that.”

Check out a few more photos of Chilli and the Macy’s #GoYou engagement as well as the audio video for her single, “Body.”






Photo Credits: RayCornelius.com