Written by | Ray Cornelius

Cute! Colorful! Creative!

These are all the adjectives used to describe teen music sensation The OMG Girlz!

Don’t take my word for it; just ask Lady Gaga.  Not only is she a huge fan of the Atlanta-based girl group, she has apparently given them her official stamp of approval.  That says a lot considering the girls haven’t even released their first album yet.

RC had a chance to catch up with Miss STAR, Miss BEAUTY and the newest member, Miss BABY DOLL to dish about their new album creatively entitled OMG, their striking resemblance to a certain girl group and the most important thing they want their young fans to know about them.

Check it out!

RC:  Let’s talk about the new album…

MBD: Let’s do that. Our newest album is “Officially Miss Guided” and it comes out October 2. We are so excited. We have really been working late nights and early mornings. We’re a big party in the studio. It has a variety of music genres—pop, hip hop, rap, soul—just a mixture. Its very colorful, fun, and age appropriate.  But it’s real because we are teenagers. We kept it very positive and lots of girl power.

RC: I’ve heard that TLC  is one of your biggest inspirations, how have they influenced your style?

MS: TLC  is one of our biggest inspirations as a group. We’ve learned their music, their style, and how they dressed. We always go back to them. We always reference them and say that is how we want our music to be and for people to still listen to us for years and years afterwards. We always try to be really cute, colorful and creative when we do things or every time we have a show.  Miss BABYDOLL really looks up to Left Eye because she is the rapper in our group.

RC: What is your favorite part about touring?

MS:  Our favorite thing about being on the road is just seeing our fans. Getting to see how they really feel about us.  Sometimes they’re crying and asking us questions because they don’t get to see us or we haven’t answered it on Twitter. Also being on the road with just us three and our crew is the best. We love our hair and make-up people and our road managers.

RC: Who would you all like to work with in the future?

MB:  Beyoncé, Timberland, Missy Elliott, Chris Brown, Rihanna…

MBD: Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum, Adele and John Meyer! His voice is a total instrument!

RC: Any chances of you girlz working with Lady Gaga?

MS:  We would love to work with Lady Gaga! We actually talked to her at Vince’s [Tamar Braxton’s husband and one of Lady Gaga’s managers] birthday party, when we performed for him. She was like, “You know I love you guys and your music video is so cute and I would love to direct one of your videos in the future.”  So hopefully we will get to work with her.  Who knows? Maybe will get to be on her next tour!

RC: What is something about you ladies that your fans wouldn’t know?

MBD: What fans don’t know is that we are regular people. I think that when teenagers see people in the spotlight they think that we are perfect when we are just as regular as they are.

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