Posted by | Ray Cornelius

Another day, another reason to Google mega star Beyoncé. The hot mama has been vacationing in Paris, France with her family and has decided to cut that famous mane of hers. This time, she has cut her bangs and stepped out this afternoon looking like this. (See the full photo below)

Beyonce Debuts New Hair Bangs Before Leaving Paris

Though not the typical look for Bey, this isn’t the first time she has worn such drastically short bangs. If I recall, she rocked this look in the “Why Don’t You Love Me” video as “BB Homemaker.”

So, is she secretly working on another project?  Is this look for a photo shoot? Oh, maybe just maybe, she did it because she knows it would be talked about? (LOL) Only time will tell with Yoncé.

Tell us what you think! Is this look a “Oh Hell Yeah?” or a “Oh Hell Naw?”

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