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Chicago Bears star Matt Forté is looking rather dapper for the October issue of Michigan Avenue Magazine. The devoted father and husband, who is already in second place on the team’s list of all-time leading rushers, has scored major points in this fashion spread.  Check out a few photos of his distinguished looks and a few excerpts from his interview where he talks fashion and philanthropy:

Matt Forte 1

Matt, you’re known as a sharp-dressed guy. How would you describe your personal style?
I’d have to say it’s second to none. It’s like my football game. I’m pretty versatile out there on the field, and to have style you have to be pretty versatile. You can’t just wear one type of clothing.

matt forte 2

Do you have any favorite designers?
I don’t really look at designer names; if it’s something I like, I point it out. I do like Tom Ford. Who else? Giuseppe [Zanotti] has nice shoes. Christian Louboutin. But I like H&M, too.

matt forte 3

What is your ultimate goal as a player?
To make the Hall of Fame, and to play consistently throughout my entire career. As you know, as soon as a running back turns 28, 29 years old, they start telling him he’s old and run-down. So I just want to continue playing at the top level in the league and keep pushing [toward] that rushing mark that’s been set by many other people. I think you’re approaching the 10,000-yard mark, so, you know, my first task is to push hard to get to that, and then I’ll work from there.

matt forte 4

What inspired you to create the Matt Forté Foundation?
I’ve always been inspired by kids. Just being in the spotlight and being an athlete, so many young kids look up to you. [I want to use] this platform to inspire these kids and hopefully change their lives. There are not many positive role models in today’s society—we’re lacking that—and we all know that these kids look up to NFL players. It was easy for me to decide to set up a foundation where I can help children, because the next generation is always going to be coming up, and we need to continue to try to impact them and mentor them. We want to reach kids in high-risk areas who might not have the opportunity to go to college, to raise scholarship money for them to enable them to go for the next level, continue their education, and try to create something of themselves.

matt forte 5

What message do you have for the students that your foundation here supports?
The message is that no matter your background or what has happened in your life, if you want something, you have to work hard and go out and get it. My foundation is meant to help them not have to struggle so hard. Not everybody is able to pay for college or get student loans. So we don’t want them to be behind the eight ball when they graduate. We can help them out; we can help them become not just high school graduates but college graduates

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