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When I ran across this story on Indie Wire, I almost leaped out of my chair with excitement. Finally, a real answer from Spike Lee about whether or not he is going to make a sequel to his second blockbuster film and my personal favorite, School Daze. Believe me when I tell you there have been so many rumors floating around the internet about a follow up movie but no one could ever show me documented evidence…until now!

Apparently, the famed director was part of a live conversation this weekend with the crew of Black&Sexy TV (I will have to hip you to them later) when he was asked by someone about a sequel to the film.  Here is what Lee revealed:

School Daze234“I had the script for [the sequel] to School Daze… a contemporary version, same school… 25 years later. Hopefully I can get Laurence Fishburne to play Dap… he’ll be the president now of the school. It would deal with issues in HSBCUs today… some of the same stuff from the last film… like the pledging process… but also lots of new stuff… like homophobia… it’s a big subject in it… class issues, color, hair texture… but it’s stuff happening today.”

Unfortunately, Lee didn’t confirm whether the project is in the works. Right now, he is currently trying to raise money for a mystery project through a Kickstarter campaign. However, just this little bit of “tea” gives us hope that we may one day see a follow up to the film and actually find out what happened to all of those memorable characters.

If Lee doesn’t make the sequel, then my next suggestion is turning the film into a Broadway musical. Like the editors at Indie Wire, I must agree that School Daze  has all the makings of one helluva stage production: the music, the costumes, and the high energy dance numbers. I mean, can’t you just see The Gamma Ray’s singing, “Be Alone Tonight” or the fraternities battling it out in a fierce step competition? What about the big musical number “Straight and Nappy” between the Jigaboo & Wannabee Chorus? Man, I could go on and on about this film.

At any rate, check out the full conversation below between Lee and Black&SexyTV and  tell us what you think:

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