Posted by | Ray Cornelius

If you were like me, you watched the Soul Train Awards last Sunday and were a bit surprised when it appeared that John Legend had ditched the show after his performance. The soul crooner was MIA when Tamar Braxton announced he had won the Ashford and Simpson Songwriting award just minutes after his hot performance of ‘Tonight.’ However, John explains during an interview with Rolling Stone, that he was told he was done and left to catch a flight.

“There was a miscommunication, because I was done… and I performed. So I was there! I was told they were done announcing the awards that I was a part of and so I was going to the airport to catch the red-eye… I was told I was done. [laughs] That was an incorrect, uh, pronouncement by the producers. I eventually won and I wasn’t there to receive it. I was a little annoyed about that, yeah.”

Legend also cleared the air about his new Fox sitcom which was reportedly said to have been based upon the singer’s life.  RC posted the story back in October regarding the lucrative deal between Legend’s Get Lifted Film Company and the media giant.  According to Legend, the untitled show is not totally autobiographical.

“It’s if you took the most liberties with my life. It’s loosely, very loosely based on my life; it’s not even really about me. It’s about kids growing up in a kind of unconventional parenting situation and trying to make the best of it.”

Look for John’s show to air on Fox in 2013.