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Let Tasha Smith tell it, “she’s having an outstanding year.” The always fiesty and hilariously funny actress of the úberly popular Tyler Perry series, “For Better or Worse” recently addressed the Atlanta press about her show’s new season (which airs tonight at 9 p.m. on OWN). She also took the time to set the record straight about all of the drama between her and her now ex-husband, Keith Douglas.

If you recall, Douglas reportedly filed a restraining order last fall against Smith citing that the former model had anger management issues along with uncontrollable outbursts. He also accused her of being a lesbian and a heavy drinker. He also claimed that he feared for his life and Smith threatened to kill him on several occasions. Smith also allegedly filed an order against Douglas citing that he too had anger issues and she often feared for her life when he became upset. Despite the numerous claims, Smith says she is doing just fine and that you can’t always believe what you hear or read.

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“You can’t always believe what you read. Ok, but the truth is, I am divorced. That is the truth.” says Smith. “But all the other things…I mean hey…you know…”

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Smith went on to later explain that all of her life’s experiences, whether negative or positive, have helped her creativity and has made her a better actress and teacher for her acting camp, TSaw.

“You guys know about T Saw and that I teach acting and have for a very long time. I always say that your experiences sometimes become a blessing for your creativity. So we can always find ways to utilize the things that we go through in our personal lives and apply them to our art and just have a good time and create. Utilize all of it to be able to lift it into the art so it’s all a blessing.”

Smith also says that she will continue to appear on the #1 television show,”Empire” and will also star on the new season of “Power.”  Check out Smith along with her “For Better or Worse” cast in the trailer below as well as more photos from the press conference:

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