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Uh, Oh!  Looks like trouble in paradise for Sherri Shepherd and her husband, Lamar Sally.

The NY Daily News is reporting that the comedienne and View  co-host has filed for divorce from her husband on Monday in New Jersey.  The move comes just days after Sally reportedly filed for legal separation from his talk show wife in California.  In addition to Sally’s filing, he is also asking that he receive full custody of their unborn surrogate child and only wants Shepherd to have visitation rights. However, despite the legal situation, he says he is still ‘proud to be a father.’

Oh, but the plot thickens…

Shepherd, on the other hand, is now asking that her prenup be enforced which specifies that she is to only give Sally $60,000 if their marriage last between two and five years.  This is the couples third year.

Plus, Shepherd has not made any mention about custody of her baby nor has she talked about this situation on her popular talk show, The View.  This is Shepherd’s second marriage.

Stay tuned…

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