Posted by | Ray Cornelius

Everyone’s favorite dad and jazz aficionado Bill Cosby kicked off the Beverly Hills Hotel 100 Year Celebration Weekend this past Friday evening. Cosby entertained about 200 guests poolside, swapping stories about the famous hotel and acting as the “unofficial” conductor for an 8-piece jazz band.

The Queen of Hip-Soul Mary J. Blige heated up things Saturday evening as she delivered a stellar five-song set in the Hotel’s Crystal Ballroom.  The “Rock of Ages” actress, who has been quite busy juggling music and movies, recalled a fond memory of the hotel.  “I fell in love with the man I married here. Boom.”

Also on hand for Mary’s performance was the “Purple One” himself, Prince who reportedly entered the ballroom very incognito [through the kitchen] and just in time for Blige’s last song.

The weekend’s festivities supported the Motion Picture & Television fund with Friday’s event offering special support to the newly founded, American Comedy Fund. This is a new project that was created to help comics in need.