Posted by | Ray Cornelius

Indie Wire is reporting that The Hunger Games  star Dayo Okeniyi is currently in talks to star in a remake of the 80’s romantic drama Endless Love.

Reportedly, Okeniyi will star alongside Alex Pettyfer and Gabriella Wilde in a story about a romance between two teenagers that turns obsessive, dark and disastrous. Okeniyi will play Pettyfer’s best friend, Mace and is described as “mischievous and a daredevil.”

The original 1981 version of Endless Love  starred Brooke Shields and Martin Hewitt in the lead roles and featured the popular theme song of the same name which was recorded by R&B legends, Diana Ross and Lionel Richie.

 Endless Love  will be directed by Shana Feste and is reportedly in pre-production.