Posted by | Tamara Ren’ee

Yvette Wilson, better known as Andell Wilkerson from the 90’s TV shows Moesha  and The Parkers  lost her battle with cervical cancer yesterday.  The public learned of her fight with Stage 4 cervical cancer just last month when Wilson’s friend and cancer survivor Jeffrey Wittle created a fundraising website to raise money for her treatment.  As of  June 9, $13,599 of the $25,000 sought had been raised.

In the days leading up to Wilson’s death, her best friend and former co-star Shar Jackson tweeted prayer requests for Wilson.  Shar’s last tweet read, “I wanna thank all my tweeties for their prayers but god has chosen to take my sister Yvette home.. … ”

R.I.P. Yvette Wilson

What was your favorite Andell moment?