Written by | Ray Cornelius

I had the pleasure of attending and covering Kelly Price‘s Birthday Brunch on Sunday afternoon. The VIP only event took place at T.I.‘s Scales 925 Restaurant in Midtown Atlanta and also served as the official launch of her new foundation—Look2Live.

Kelly created Look2Live to assist families in dealing with loved ones who were diagnosed with cancer. It’s a passion project that was conceived over 10-years-ago after her mother and mother-in-law were both diagnosed with the deadly disease.  For Price, it is not about people surviving cancer but overcoming it.


Kelly created Look2Live in honor of her mothers who were diagnosed with cancer

“I wrote this plan up over 10 years because I wanted to be able to be involved with the lives of the families. Not to just aide them financially but to offer emotional support and spiritual support and everything that is needed in those times. I believe if we can keep the family solid and where they need to be then our loves one have a better chance at beating cancer. I also don’t believe in surviving, I believe in overcoming. Surviving is not God’s will in our lives, He wants us to overcome,” said Price to the audience.


Kelly with Algebra on the red carpet

A number of Kelly’s close friends and associates were in attendance to celebrate her launch including hip-hop star MC Lyte, television personality Miss Lawrence, BMI executive Catherine Brewton, Gospel radio announcer Darlene McCoy, reality star and fashionista Marlo Hampton and rapper Rico Love. Members from Kelly’s greek-lettered organization, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., were also in attendance and announced their national support of her Look2Live Foundation.

Entertainment was provided by gospel singer Anita Wilson and Atlanta soul music star Algebra. The brunch was hosted by Nicci Gilbert with greetings from Lynn Richardson of Hip Hop Sisters and Kelly’s manager Gabby Sands.

Check out a few more photos below:


Kelly’s brunch took place at Scales 925


Kelly with Anita Wilson




Kelly with MC Lyte 


Anita Wilson with Nicci Gilbert



Kelly with Darlene McCoy


Marlo Hampton


Kelly with Miss Lawrence


DJ Bombshell Boogie had the ladies moving with dope sounds


Kelly with Lynn Richardson, President of Hip-Hop Sisters


MC Lyte shared a few words about her friendship with Kelly 


 Kelly representing for the Blue and Gold – Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.

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