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REELZ is starting the New Year off with a bang! The network announced this week the return of a few fan favorites like “Gangters: America’s Most Evil” and “Autopsy: The Last Hours of…”  In addition, they will debut a brand new documentary “Whitney Houston: Addicted to Love,” which explores the life and times of the late Grammy-winning music icon.

Check out full descriptions and dates below:

Gangsters: America’s Most Evil – Premieres Tuesday, January 19

From thugs to lethal beauties, outlaws to kingpins, each episode profiles these gangsters and reveals their ominous motives and the circumstances that eventually led to their downfall. The premiere episode on Tuesday, January 19 features a storyline that reads like a movie script for a blockbuster crime thriller. James Spencer Springette, known as “Jimmy the Juice”, went from selling juice to tourists on the island of St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands to distributing thousands of kilos of cocaine into the United States. Find out how he found himself on the FBI’s top ten list of most wanted fugitives right next to Osama bin Laden.  This season will also explore the Black Mafia Family (BMF) as well as renowned human smuggler Cheng Chui Ping aka (Sister Ping). “Gangsters: America’s Most Evil” is produced by Asylum Entertainment.

Whitney Houston: Addicted to Love – Premieres Saturday, January 23

Whitney Houston’s story of global celebrity had it all—massive success in music, a game-changing role in a blockbuster movie and volatile substance abuse. Intertwined was her mercurial relationship with husband Bobby Brown in addition to the complex dynamics of having close family members running her business affairs. Whitney Houston: Addicted to Love delves into the iconic singer’s public and private life through revealing insight from those who surrounded Whitney including her publicist Kenneth Reynolds, bodyguard Alan Jacobs and bandmates Wayne Linsey and Kirk Whalum, Arista Records’ Gerry Griffith and friend Jermaine Jackson who share their personal stories and thoughts on Whitney’s astonishing story of success and excess. “Whitney Houston: Addicted to Love” is produced by ITV Studios Global Entertainment.

Autopsy: The Last Hours of…- Premieres Saturday, January 30

Autopsy: The Last Hours of… reveals the truth behind the controversial deaths of global icons and people whose untimely deaths were surrounded by scandal and intense media attention. Fact and fiction are forever separated as renowned forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Hunter reconstructs their final hours using crucial medical evidence from the actual autopsies to explain how and why they died while interviews with friends and family shed light on the events that led to death—finally putting an end to the speculation. Celebrities explored include Phil Hartman, John Belushi, Maurice Gibb, Don Cornelius, Christopher Wallace (The Notorius B.I.G), Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and Rodney King. Natalie Wood kicks off the season 1/30.

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