Whitney Houston died from drowning, cocaine and heart disease…

The autopsy report of singing-sensation Whitney Houston revealed that the singer died from drowning in a hotel bathtub and that traces of marijuana, Xanax, Benadryl and the muscle relaxant Flexeril were found in her system. Cocaine and it’s by products were also found in her system indicating that Houston was a chronic cocaine user.

Disclosure of Thursday’s report puts an end to the speculations and rumors of how the Grammy Award-winning singer-actress died. Houston, 48 was found on February 11th submerged in the bathtub of her Beverly Hilton Hotel room just hours before her mentor, Clive Davis’ Pre-Grammy Party.

Patricia Houston, Whitney’s sister-in-law and manager released this statement to the Associated Press, “We are saddened to learn of the toxicology results, although we are glad to now have closure.”

The toxicology report also showed that Houston had plaque build up in her arteries that could restrict blood flow – a condition commonly found in cocaine drug users.

“It just beats up their heart and they will go to use and they will have a heart attack” says Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter. It is not clear whether Houston died of a heart attack but chronic drug use and heart disease were definitely contributing factors in the singer’s death.

Houston is arguably one of the ‘greatest voices’ of our time. She skyrocketed to fame in the mid 80’s with a string of hit albums, popular movies and television specials and sold-out world tours.

Houston had just completed work on her last film, Sparkle when she died.


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