Posted by | Cyrena Rose

Grammy award-winning singer, Toni Braxton is planning to get back into the acting groove with the Lifetime network.  According to Braxton, who shared the exciting news via twitter, her son Diezel will be in the movie as well.  She tweeted, “I will be filming for a new movie for Lifetime and Diezel will be in it as well, playing the role of my son!”

It’s unclear what the film will be about, but it will be her first film in six  years. . .

The six-time Grammy winner is also topping the dance charts this week.  The artist beat out fellow top recording artists for the spot.  Her new track I Heart You is number one on the Billboard Dance charts.  Braxton’s new single is her first installment since her sixth studio album Pulse in 2010, which debuted in the top 10 of the Billboard 200.  I Heart You is from her upcoming album Heartstrings & Synagogue Vibes.

Do your thing Toni!