Written by | Ray Cornelius

Although singer-songwriter Will Downing does not see himself as an expert on love and relationships, his up-tempo songs and breath-taking ballads tells us another story.

For over twenty years, Will Downing has “wooed” audiences with his smooth, baritone voice and unmatched vocal ability that seem to connect with his mostly “grown and sexy” female fans.  I say this because his songs are not bubble gum, watered down or sexually explicit like much of today’s R&B music that rules the airwaves.  They are classy, mature, messages that provide real world, adult solutions on love, romance, relationship issues and matters of the heart; it’s no wonder he is called the “Prince of Sophisticated Soul.”

RC recently caught up with the singer-songwriter and part-time photographer to talk about his latest project Yesterday, his current tour and of course love and relationships…check it out!

RC:  Let’s talk about your latest project, Yesterday.  What was the inspiration behind it?

WD:  The songs on the Yesterday project are all classic songs I’ve re-worked and that are tailor made to fit my voice, sound etc…Songs such as “Ooh Baby Baby” originally done by Smokey & The Miracles  and “Send For Me” originally done by Atlantic Starr.  These songs have become like sing-a-longs at my shows but just with a different twist to them.

RC:  What is your favorite song on the album?

WD:  Tough question, mainly because I love them all.  But I’d have to say “This Time I’ll Be Sweeter.”  It just feels right and the subject matter & lyrics hit home for me.

RC:  You’re an amazing photographer, what are your favorite subjects?

WD:  First and foremost THANKS.  I’ve been shooting seriously for about 18 years now.  My favorite things to photograph are my Contemporaries, (Musicians/Singers) people in the arts.  They tend to wear their heart on their sleeves so you always get a lot of emotion in the photographs.

RC:  You sing a lot about love and relationships.  What are the three most important things that keep relationships exciting?

WD:  I’m no love & relationship expert but what works in mine is communication, compromise and having an open mind to try and do new things.

RC:  What is the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for your wife?

WD:  This question would be best suited for her.  What I may think is major, could be way down on the list for her.  She always says it’s the little things I do that aren’t the most obvious.

RC:  You’re on tour this summer, what is your favorite city to perform in?

WD:  I don’t have a favorite city to perform in but I love an enthusiastic crowd, real music lovers and folk who appreciate quality!

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