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Michael Ealy loves the fact that his new TV gig is allowing him to have fun for a change. The Think Like a Man star is taking a break from his more serious roles and is kicking up his heels in a new USA Network series called Common Law.  Ealy plays a LAPD detective that doesn’t necessarily get along with his partner and is forced to seek counseling.

He recently sat down with BET to discuss the show’s character, Travis Marks as well as his forthcoming movie, Unconditional and his new found love for New Orleans.

Ealy on his new show Common Law

It’s an action-comedy about two detectives who are having issues in terms of getting along, and in order to preserve their working relationship their captain forces them into counseling. We go into therapy — we don’t have a choice. The show is serialized in some ways, and procedural in others. Travis Marks is definitely a player. He has commitment issues. He grew up in the foster care program so he’s afraid of commitment, and that tends to lead to multiple women, but not a different one in every episode.

Ealy on shooting the series in New Orleans…

It’s great. It’s much bigger than I thought it was. It’s my second time there — the first time was for the Essence Music Festival and I just went from the Convention Center to the hotel so I really didn’t see anything. There’s a lot of money being invested in the city. They’re building, and in about 10 years it will be a whole new city.

Ealy on new film, Unconditional

I did an independent film called Unconditional that should be coming out in the fall. I play a community hero who is suffering from a rare kidney disease and it goes into all kinds of dark places. I like going back and forth between the lighter and heavier stuff. It has an element of the drama I’m known for. When I did Takers, I really enjoyed the action and it made me want to do more of it, which led me to Underworld, which I did after I did the Common Law pilot. Then I got the offer to do Think Like a Man, and though I’d never really wanted to do a romantic-comedy, I thought to myself that it might be great. I’m trying to diversify, and so far so good.

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Catch Michael Ealy on The Wendy Williams Show on Friday May 11 at and the series premiere of Common Law at 10pm on USA.