Posted by | Ray Cornelius 

Laurieann Gibson can now add pop singer to her many list of accomplishments. The famed choreographer, who has worked with everyone from Diddy to Lady Gaga to Michael Jackson, has reinvented herself with the help of Akon and Johnny Wright under the name Harlee.

According to BET, Gibson’s alter ego is looking to “incorporate both music and dance into one movement.”

“The inspiration for me as an artist, a performer and a director was ‘Thriller’ and was ‘Smooth Criminal,’ and I think that is exactly the tone of my album both visually and with regard to the execution of the dance,” the “Dream Warriors” singer told “I definitely think [that fusion] is missing and that’s the direct lane that Harlee is going to dominate and bring back.”

Click here to see Harlee in action!

Photo Credit: Facebook/Laurieann Gibson