Written by | Ray Cornelius

Now this is why I love them! They always finds ways to create teachable moments for their fans.

Music’s power couple— Beyoncé and Jay Z—honored iconic Olympic stars Florence Griffith Joyner aka FLOJo and Tommie Smith for Halloween this year.

Bey is spot on with FLOJo’s long wavy locs, colorful acrylic nails and revealing bodysuit while Jay is werkin that legendary stance of Smith during the 1968 Summer Olympic Ceremony along with John Carlos

It was 30 years ago this year that FLOJo thrilled audiences around the world with her Herculean sprints during the Summer Olympic Games in Seoul, Korea. All you could see was her lion’s mane flying across the TV screen and her arms in the air signaling complete victory. It was truly a sight to see.

Smith is also celebrating the 50 Anniversary of his historic protest with a new exhibition at Atlanta’s High Museum of Art titled With Drawn Arms. His raised fist was in protest of the Civil Rights injustices African Americans were facing in America and for human rights around the world.

According to the website, With Drawn Arms is the culmination of a multiyear collaboration between Los Angeles–based conceptual artist Glenn Kaino and Smith with drawings by both men as well as objects from Smith’s archives and a series of drawings contributed by students from across the United States. Click here for tickets.

Look at all of the photos below of Bey and Jay and tell us what you think:

Photo Credits: Instagram/Beyoncé and High.org