Written by | Ray Cornelius 

What do Kanye West, Josephine Baker and Diana Ross have in common?  All three of them are featured in Constance C.R. White‘s new book, How To Slay: Inspiration from the Queens & Kings of Black Style.

The former ESSENCE editor, noted author and fashion/beauty/style expert has released a new coffee table book paying homage to the gods and goddess of Black fashion who have influenced runways from Brooklyn to Barcelona.

How to Slay offers a lavishly illustrated overview of African American style through the twentieth century, focusing on the last thirty-five years and includes 150 color and black/white photos.

Other fashion icons featured in the book include Dr. Maya Angelou, former First Lady Michelle Obama, hip hop stars Pharrell Williams, Jay Z and the Queen Bee—Beyoncé.

“With this book, I seek to document and represent how Black style is put together and worn, how it is presented, and how it has influenced fashion in ways both large and incremental,” says White. “My intention was not to make a comprehensive or definitive volume; it is meant to be a fun, informative, and entertaining journey through Black style.”

Stay close to UPFRONT as I will be talking to Constance C.R. White for a future segment.

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Photo Credits: How To Slay