Written by | Ray Cornelius 

Check out my exclusive one-on-one interview with award winning filmmaker SPIKE LEE that aired during today’s edition of my radio show, UPFRONT!

Lee talked about the 30th Anniversary of his classic film, “School Daze” and how he had written the script long before he even conceived “She’s Gotta Have It. ” The movie is also loosely based on his four years as a student at Atlanta’s famed Morehouse College and was originally titled “It’s Homecoming.”

Lee also admitted to separating the female cast of the “Wannabees” and “Jigaboos” offset so that they’re on-set tension was authentic for the cameras. He is also looking to take the film to the Broadway stage in a new musical production instead of a sequel.

“There’s gonna be a Broadway musical of School Daze. People said that from the jump when it came out that this should be a musical,” said Lee. “We have to update some of those issues like apartheid. They’re protesting apartheid in the beginning of the movie and that part never comes up in the rest of the film.”

Lee also talked about the film’s iconic soundtrack that including the smash hit single, “Da Butt,” which he created and had Marcus Miller to write for the Washington D.C. Go-go band Sugar Bear & EU.

Lee will be hosting a special anniversary screening of “School Daze” this Monday, February 19 at Atlanta’s fabulous Fox Theatre at 7 p.m. Tickets are still available but seats are going fast!

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Photo Credits: RayCornelius