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Triple threat diva Jasmine Burke wants to help aspiring actors book their next gig. The star of Bounce TV’s hit series “Saints & Sinners” has released a brand new “how to” book titled, Work Your Audition.

The synopsis reads as follows:

After years of teaching my “Werk Your Tape” workshops, I decided to put all of that knowledge into a book and expand on the audition process and… VOILÁ! We have my first book “Work Your Audition”! From having a decade of experience being a working actor and currently starring in, Bounce TV’s #1 series Saints and Sinners and Fox/Lee Daniel’s Star, I get a lot of aspiring and professional artists who ask me “How do I become an actor and/or break into the business?” and what I’ve discovered throughout my acting career is that the answer is the same for everyone…the audition is the gateway to the job! In “Work Your Audition” I detail my audition experiences landing some of my biggest roles to date such as VH1’s Drumline: A New Beat and how I handled the devastating “No’s” such as not making MTV’s Making The Band 3. All to motivate and prepare actors and artists to believe in their God given gifts every step of the journey.

In addition to the book, Burke has also launched a line of motivation apparel with popular catch phrases such as “Hungry Never Thirsty” + “The Glow Up is Real.”

Click here to check out the new book and merchandise. Also, Burke will be appearing on an upcoming edition of my radio show, UPFRONT Inside Atlanta’s Entertainment Industry.


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