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Versatile actress Naomie Harris looks absolutely radiant in a fashion spread for The British beauty, whose performance in “Moonlight” has garnered her an Oscar nomination, is fabulous and fierce in these bold new images that feature looks from Gucci, Emilio PucciDries Van Noten, Balenciaga and Marc Jacobs.

But it’s not all glitz and glamour with Harris, the 40-year-old performer opens up about her early life and the first time she experienced racism:

“The only time I’ve ever experienced racism — I’m talking about blatant racism — was in France when I was called a ‘nigger’ by a bunch of kids and hit on the head.” She was 16 and on a student exchange. “It was really shocking. I had never heard that word. I mean, I had heard it, but not used against me … I just thought, What idiots. I didn’t even feel afraid.”

Harris also opens up about her hesitation in playing a crack addicted Black woman on film. I remember her expressing these same concerns during the Q&A session of the Atlanta debut of “Moonlight.” She admits she was able to get over her anxiety when she realized that she couldn’t judge her character, “Paula” and that it was based on the mothers of the film’s creators—Tarrell Alvin McCraney and director Barry Jenkins.

Check out all of her amazing photos below + click here to read the entire interview!

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