Actress, Tracee Ellis Ross is on the cover of Uptown Magazine’s “Hollywood” issue. The Reed Between the Lines star sounds off on fashion, romance and being the daughter of a music legend (Tracee is the second daughter of superstar diva, Diana Ross).

Here is Ellis is her own words:

On her love for magazines and fashion:
“I have loved magazines since I was a child … And let me explain something, I do not read magazines, I look at the pictures … When I was in high school I would make wish boards. They were feelings and images, not words. It was all fashion.”

On taking risks:
“As a younger person, my philosophy was jump off a cliff. I realize now that there are stairs and elevators. I am learning every day to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire me and not terrify me. I can even ask for help! Not feeling that I have to know everything, and that’s where the growth comes in, in the not knowing.”

On Diana Ross (aka her mom) paving her career path:
“My mom’s career gave me the benefit of a great life and influenced my style and who I am as a person. I felt afraid about that early on in my career, [but] I am comfortable enough in my own skin now. And Hollywood does not work like that. They will unlock the door, but they sit back and wait to see how you are going to walk through the door.”

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