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I had the pleasure of spending Thanksgiving Eve watching OWN’s hit series “Queen Sugar” with one of its stars—Omar J. Dorsey. The Decatur, GA raised actor portrays “Hollywood” on the show and was in town entertaining his family and industry friends as part of “Screening Room ATL” at Negril Village Restaurant in Midtown/Atlanta. img_5917

Omar J. Dorsey, Khalimah Gaston, KJ Smith and Miles Mussenden

“Screening Room ATL” is a visual arts mixer for Atlanta’s growing film and entertainment community. Held on Wednesday nights, each event features food, cocktails and indie films. It also provides an outlet for individuals in the film and the entertainment industry to present their work and discuss their methods amongst industry professionals.


Marquita Goings + Dawn HalfKenny  + Rod “Reemo” Thomas

Joining Dorsey were other “Queen Sugar” stars—Khaneshia “KJ” Smith, who plays “Lena” and Miles Mussenden, who plays “Boogie.” Other notables spotted in the building included “Stills” actress Khalimah Gaston, “Luke Cage” actress Simone Missick, “Greenleaf” actor Njema Williams, “Saints & Sinners” actress Dawn HalfKenny, “Mommy Uncensored” actor Rod “Reemo” Thomas, “Underground” actor Keith Arthur Bolden, “Lucifer” actor Dorian Missick, “Notorious” actor Dennis White, Swirl Film’s Keith Neal, actor and commercial TV star Al Thompson and many more.


Miles Mussenden, Khalimah Gaston, Omar J. Dorsey and KJ Smith

Following the screening was a brief discussion between Gaston and the “Queen Sugar” stars who discussed everything from working with the show’s creators Ava DuVernay and Oprah Winfrey to their new found fame and other TV and film projects.  I must say that I left the event charged and super encouraged. I was truly astonished at the camaraderie between all of the actors and a genuine spirit of brother and sisterhood. It was amazing to see these future “superstars” in the making.

See more pics below & catch “Queen Sugar” on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on OWN:


Njema Williams, Khalimah Gaston and Miles Mussenden


Dorian and Simone Missickimg_5956

Omar J. DorseyDawn HalfKenny + Marquita Goings


Miles Mussenden and Khalimah Gaston


Keith Neal and Keith Arthur Bolden 


Dorian Missick with Al Thompson

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