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Grammy winning performers Common and Patti LaBelle are teaming up once again with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) for another free concert to commemorate World AIDS Day. The two music icons performed together last year in Atlanta, GA at the fabulous Fox Theatre as part of the “Vote to End HIV.” This year’s show will take place on Wednesday, November 30 at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, CA.

Critically acclaimed actress and choreographer, Rosie Perez will serve as the host for the evening that will begin with a large “Keep the Promise March” on Hollywood Boulevard. Legendary entertainer and activist Harry Belafonte will also be honored for his charitable efforts and advocacy around the world.

“Our hope is that our upcoming World AIDS Day Keep the Promise concert and march serve as a potent reminder that the fight against HIV/AIDS is not yet won and that these events serve as a clarion call to action. The irony is that we are the victims of our own success: As the AIDS situation improves, with better treatments and more people being able to access them, the urgency of winning the war against AIDS here in the U.S. and around the globe has diminished. As a result, HIV/AIDS is increasingly pitted against other important issues as far as funding as well as for the attention of policy makers. It is critical that we continue to speak out through events like KTP in order to remind governments, public health officials and other stakeholders to keep the promise on AIDS and other key public health issues,” says AHF’s President, Michael Weinstein.

The L.A. show is just one of three concerts that have been strategically placed around the globe to continue spreading awareness about HIV and AIDS. Other cities include Cambodia and Mexico City. There will also be testing events throughout Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe and Asia.

“Keep the Promise” is free and open to the public. However, registration is encouraged.

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