Posted by | Ray Cornelius

Oprah Winfrey’s popular catch phrase “aha moment” has been added to Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

According to THR, the actual term dates back to 1939 in a book of psychology.  However, it didn’t become popular again until Winfrey’s sporadic use of it during her popular talk show in the 1990’s.

“In fact, aha moment is so closely associated with Oprah that in 2009, she and Mutual of Omaha got involved in a legal imbroglio over Mutual of Omaha’s use of the phrase, with Oprah claiming that aha moment was her catch phrase and she had the rights to it,” says Kory Stamper, associate editor for Merriam-Webster.

Other terms to be added to this year’s Merriam-Webster Dictionary include “F-Bomb,” “Energy Drink,” “Life Coach,” and “Sexting.”