Written by | Ray Cornelius

Talk about the surprise of a lifetime!! I had the pleasure of attending a very private viewing party Sunday evening for Oprah Winfrey’s new groundbreaking seven-night series on faith titled Belief.

The event was held at the Atlanta home of Imara Canady and was attended by a number of the city’s arts and cultural leaders and tastemakers. I attended the screening with my sister and good friend in media, Rose Scott (WABE 90.1) and was anxious to see what Lady O had in store for us.


According to Winfrey’s website, “Belief searches the origins of diverse faiths and the heart of what really matters. From the epic to the intimate, webbed throughout each hour are stories of people on spiritual journeys, taking them to sacred spaces.”

After watching the first few minutes of the show, Canady surprised all 50 of us by introducing Ms. Winfrey!  She entered the packed living room wearing a fitted black and white “What Do You Believe” T-shirt along with her signature curls and huge smile.  She thanked everyone for coming out and hoped it would inspire us in our personal walks of faith.


To our surprise, Ms. Winfrey grabbed a seat on the sofa and watched the rest of the hour-long program with us. Afterwards, she took a group photo (which I helped to coordinate) and then individual pictures. Ms. Winfrey was such a trooper!

RC Fans, I am still in shock about what just happened. I am so grateful for truly “being in the right place, at the right time.” No one could have prepared me for that surprise!!

Belief continues through the rest of the week beginning at 8 p.m. EST on OWN. I encourage you to watch it with friends and family and keep the dialogue going!

Click HERE to watch Ms. Winfrey explain to us why she decided to produce the Belief series and how faith has always played an integral role in her success!

Photo Credits: RayCornelius.com and Instagram/Oprah