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Atlanta’s BronzeLens Film Festival kicked things off Wednesday night with a private screening of the hilarious new comedy “Digital Lives Matter” starring DC Young Fly and Emmanuel Hudson.


The indie film stars DC as a social media superstar who wakes up on the morning of a big audition only to find out that his three million followers have been hijacked by a computer geek. In order to get them back, DC must do a series of good deeds for them and learns that they are real people with real feelings. The film also stars Navy Green, Ernestine Johnson and B. Simone.

IMG_4183“Digital Lives Matter” was written by Cas Siger-Beedles and produced and directed by her business partner, actress Terri J. Vaughn.

“‘Digital Lives Matter’ is really Atanta’s version of the movie ‘Friday,’ said Vaughn during our interview last weekend on UPFRONT. It’s an updated hip version of that whole cult following that ‘Friday’ gave us. That one day where all of this crazy stuff happens. We are really excited that we were able to create an opportunity not just for the artists but for the Atlanta based crew.”

A number of the film’s stars came out to the premiere including DC and Hudson along with B. Simone, Ernestine Johnson, Rodney Perry and Theresa Hightower. The film’s producer Rikkie Hughes was also present as well as other notables—Brad James, David Banner, Patrice LovelyJasmine Burke, Shanti Das, Reece Odum, Kendrick Cross, Kountry Wayne, Tangi Miller, Rod “Reemo” Thomas and Blue Kimble.

“Digital Lives Matter” was produced by Nina Holiday Entertainment and is available now for pre-order. The film will premiere on on September 3.

Check out more photos + trailer below:


Terri J. Vaughn and Mali Hunter 


B. Simone 


Rikki Hughes with the film’s glam squad


Theresa Hightower 


David Banner taking a selfie with the cast and crew


Tendal Mann


Patrice Lovely 


Jasmine Burke and Ernestine Johnson 


Noree Victoria 


Kendrick Cross 


Tangi Miller and Travis Cure


Rod “Reemo” Thomas 


Brad James 


Cast Photo 


Rodney Perry with Kountry Wayne

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