Posted by | Ray Cornelius

Jilly from Philly  recently told Hip Hollywood that she is slowly working on her next album. The budding actress was doing media rounds to promote her new film, Baggage Claim,  when she revealed the exciting news. Scott admits it’s been a minute since she has released new material but says that she is in no rush.

“I’m really a wood-burning oven and not a microwave, at all”, the soulful singer stated when asked about the progress of her album.

Scott, who did an awesome job in the film by the way, also revealed that she is working with Ne-Yo and another musician turned actor, David Banner. He recently appeared in Lee Daniel’s The Butler  as the main character’s father.

“I’m working with incredible producers and incredible producers and writers…David Banner, Ne-Yo, Andre Harris, Aaron Pearce…really great guys.”

Check out the video below:

[youtube id=”U1HkZZUxbj8″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

Baggage Claim  opens nationwide in theaters September 27!

Photography Credit: (Mail & Guardian)