Thugs need love too right?  Well, according to Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne recently told that his next music project will be an album of love songs. The album entitled DEVOL which is LOVED spelled backwards was conceived while Wayne was serving time in prison on weapons charges back in 2010.

“I was recording an album at the same time called Devol, spelled D-E-V-O-L, ‘cause that’s ‘loved’ spelled backwards. It’s my version of love songs. What I mean by my version of love songs is they’re not saying ‘I love you’…It is all material I did while I was locked up.”

While this project will not be an entire album of “traditional” love songs, it will have a consistent romantic theme.

Watch out Trey Songz, looks like Lil Wayne is coming for your spot as R&B’s “love king.”

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