Posted by | Ray Cornelius

CONGRATS to one of my favorite “sangers,” Fantasia! The Grammy winning-vocalist, Broadway actress, reality star and musical phenom released her fifth studio album, The Definition Ofon Friday with much fanfare.  The #RockSoul project features the singles “No Time For It” and “Sleeping With The One I Love” plus “So Blue” and “Ugly.” It also includes my new favorite song “I Made It,” which she performed this week on “Good Morning America.”

Here’s what the “American Idol” winner had to say about her new album:

“After 12 years in the music industry it was time to take control of my destiny. I fought to create an album that truly embodies my love of music from all genres. My core will always be Soul music but I also grew up listening to Gospel, Rock, Jazz and Country. After performing in two Broadway shows my love for Jazz was also reignited. Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, James Brown, Elton John – I pull my inspiration from these legends and their timeless catalogs. I poured my heart into this album and I’m so happy to share this moment with my fans.”

Check out a behind-the-scenes video of the album’s photo shoot that was directed by Atlanta’s own Derek Blanks!

Photo Credit: RCA Records