Posted by | Ray Cornelius

Rumors are circulating that Toni Braxton is the next ‘diva’ to be tapped for the American Idol  judging panel.

According to Sister2Sister magazine, sources close to Simon Cowell claim that producers are looking at the Grammy award-winning singer-actress as a possible replacement for Steven Tyler. Braxton would round out the trio of judges along with Idol mainstay Randy Jackson and newly installed judge, Mariah Carey.

“When I overheard the producers during a candid conversation regarding having two Black, female judges for the first in the history of the show, I almost jumped out of my skin,” the insider reportedly said in an email. “To add to what was already internal pandemonium, I overheard them say that Toni Braxton was replacing Steven Tyler.”

So far, neither Braxton nor Idol  reps have confirmed this story.  However, Toni Braxton would be a nice addition to the show. She has recently gained a new generation of fans through her hugely popular reality-show, Braxton Family Values.

Tell us what you think about Toni Braxton as an American Idol  judge?