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My good friend Lisa Nicole Cloud kicks-off her “Teach Me To Grow with You” Two-Day Conference tomorrow May 28-29 at Atlanta’s Twelve Hotel Atlantic Station.

Teach Me To Grow with You is a relationship based conference that is available to both singles and couples who are looking to experience healthier, happier and more meaningful relationships in their life. Attendees can expect to receive practical advice, tools and strategies that they can use to grow their relationships personally, professionally, spiritually and financially. This key focus of Teach Me To Grow with You is to help singles prepare for their future mates, as well as seriously courting, engaged and married couples repair, refocus and renew their relationships.

unnamed-13According to Lisa, this is a conference designed to help couples in the very areas where they may experience the most challenges.

‘We’ve brought in some of the nation’s foremost experts in the areas of marriage, love, communication, finances and personal development. I believe these are the areas where some marriages and relationships have the most problems,” said Nicole during our phone interview this week. “My goal in developing this conference is to teach couples how to grow together and stay together.”

In addition to that, Lisa also shared with RC the five key ingredients that every couple must have in order to survive.

Take a look below and tell us what you think!

  1. The couple must have God at the center of their relationship
  2. The couple must have the same vision and goals
  3. The couple must grow together and focus on personal development
  4. The couple must have effective communicate
  5. The couple must keep it hot in the bedroom

Click here to see a full conference schedule and stay tuned!

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