Written by | Cyrena Rose

Orlando, FL was recently graced with the presence of a positive movement by way of Terrance Johnson  (Pastor J) and Torsha Johnson (Lady J)!  Together the couple wrote a book titled The Answer and formulated a movement to equip singles to say “I do” and empower married couples to say “I still do.”

The Answer is a platform that uniquely acknowledges the fact that people enter relationships for a multitude of reasons and circumstances.  The Answer provides a very relevant and real-life response to the questions that are asked before, during and in between relationships.

RayCornelius.com correspondent, Tamara Paige and I were invited to attend a panel discussion  (taking place at the Full Gospel Conference) focusing on love, marriage, relationships and dating and their blessings and challenges.  The panel was moderated by the one and only Thomas Miles, better known as Nephew Tommy and included the authors of The AnswerPastor and Mrs. Terrance Johnson, Grammy Award-winning recording artist Chrisette Michele and film, television and stage actor Robert Christopher Riley. 

We wanted to know what prompted the panelists to join the #AnswerMovement and in doing so, what the movement means to them?  What, in fact, is ‘the answer’ and how do we individually reach our answers?

Tamara Paige sat with Chrisette Michele minutes before she and the other panel members took the stage to get the perspective of the recently engaged panelist.  Michele expressed her excitement in finding out what people feel about the commitment of marriage in the ‘Millennial era.’  Last fall, Chrisette got engaged to her longtime manager Doug Ellison.


“Millennials are petrified of just the word marriage and even relationships.  People are saying ‘no new friends’. . .relationships in general are almost a lost art form.”  The June 30th panel discussion was Michele’s first and she was looking forward to the exchange of ideas.

“If you read book The Answer, society right now is very social media driven, expressed Rob Riley, and a lot of people focus on what we call ‘the wrong thing’ – we have to get back to what matters.”

The star of the VH1 hit series “Hit The Floor gave us his perspective from a single-man’s point of view “. . .more personal communication, being together and not relying on text messages” were key relationship factors he pointed out. “A move that furthers that initiative is something I can stand behind.  We’re dealing with a systematic degradation of communication between people and relationships don’t stand a chance; friendships won’t stand a chance.”


Riley further expressed his interest in the movement stating “I’m here to get answers as much as I am here to give advice.  I believe a man’s teacher arrives precisely at the moment he’s ready to learn.  It’s not for everybody;  everyone in the audience doesn’t need to get it today.  It’s not gonna touch everybody at the same time but it has to exist; it has to happen – it has to start.  God puts us in the places we’re supposed to be in and I’m happy to be here.”

Pastor Terrence J summed it all up from the perspective of a married man by simply stating “so many of us sign up for something we aren’t prepared for.”  Thus his and Lady J’s quote ‘more answers, less problems.’

“The word of God is the answer, Pastor J advised, and we’re trying to move this generation back to the word of God.”

RC fans, please purchase The Answer and allow the book to breathe life into your relationship or prep you for the relationship you desire to have.  Also, text ‘ANSWER’ to 444-999 to receive a free video series on an R-Rated approach to ‘The Birds and Bees’ story.

Lastly, tune in tonight @ 7p, EST to TVOne’s original movie “Bad Dad Rehab” starring Rob Riley! You can also catch Chrisette Michele’s Milestone Tour which kicked off Saturday at ESSENCE.

Photo Credits: Facebook/The Answer Movement, CyrenaRose and Dex Jones