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Grammy winning-music superstar Toni Braxton looks absolutely radiant on the cover of Healthy Living Magazine‘s December Issue. Inside, the 48-year-old singer dishes about her upcoming Lifetime biopic Toni Braxton: Unbreak My Heart as well as the making of her family’s holiday album Braxton Family Christmas and a song idea she has for Drake. Toni also talks candidly about why she struggled with fame for so many years and why she’s still single. Check out a few highlights below:

On her Lifetime biopic ‘Un-Break My Heart’ set to air Jan.23:
“I’m proud of myself for all the things I’ve gone through. There are moments that I felt sorry for myself, but at the same time, I started to get up and move forward. That’s the hardest part of getting up, because you’re embarrassed and humiliated.”

On feeling guilty of her success and solo career without her sisters:
“Even though I helped my sisters get record deals, they didn’t have the success that I’ve had. They are starting to have success I’m so proud and happy for, but it was just hard for me being the only one that had success, and I carried that burden of being ashamed. In spite of all the success, I was always ashamed of my success too.”

image001-2A song idea she has for Drake:
“I would like to do something with Drake. Maybe he could do a song about having a crush on 
an older woman and I can sing the hook”

Her dating struggles that lead to mixed emotions during Christmas:
“This Christmas is a year of gift-giving, but it’s also a year of trying to get to myself emotionally, to try to be happy. It’s great being around family and friends. It’s a holiday, and it’s food and you gain seven pounds, and that’s great. But sometimes, around the holidays, I remind myself that “you’re alone.” You’re by yourself and you don’t have love, and why don’t you have love?”

Favorite songs from her music catalogue:

“My favorite Toni Braxton song would probably be Breathe Again, and You’re Makin’ Me High. It might be neck-and-neck.”

On the making of ‘Braxton Family Christmas’: 

“It was hard. I was scared of the challenge; we’re sisters and we fight and we argue. When you’re creative, you have creative differences. It was hard to get everyone together.”

On why she loves to perform in concert: 

“That’s the adrenaline rush. I consider myself an athlete. My voice is my instrument, and I get to perform, but I still have to rest and to take care of it. Sharing with the crowd, the response I get from them, and hearing fans come up and say ‘Oh my god that song made me feel like that…’ Music can magically take you, enchant, and transport you to a point in time in your life.”

Healthy Living Magazine featuring Toni Braxton is on newsstands now!

Photo Credits: Healthy Living Magazine