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Singer, actress, producer and entrepreneur Tisha Campbell-Martin recently participated in an intimate conversation presented by Atlanta’s Black Women Film Network. The chat was held at Atlanta Technical College and was moderated by “Being Mary Jane” actress Charmin Lee.

Campbell, who is best known as ‘Gina’ from the hit 90’s series “Martin,” has been performing now for four decades and has starred in such iconic films as “Little Shop of Horrors,” “School Daze,” “Boomerang” and the hip-hop favorite “House Party” opposite Kid ‘n Play. She’s also appeared on such memorable television shows as “A Different World,” “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” “My Wife and Kids,” “All of Us,” and most recently on BET’s hit series “Real Husbands of Hollywood” and ABC’s comedy “Dr. Ken.”


During her hour long discussion, Martin talked about everything from her family to her acting career to the importance of the arts and why her “gifts” were never about her. This was a lesson the triple threat performer learned when she won her family a car after performing in a local talent show.

“Truly! The arts are about helping others. Originally the money that I was trying to acquire wasn’t for me solely. When we look at what the arts represent, we are actually communicating to others. We are changing mindsets and have an opportunity to make things different for people and to help people,” said Campbell-Martin to the mostly single, female audience.


In addition to the sharing numerous life lessons and hilariously funny stories, Campbell also promoted her new music project, “Steel Here,” which not only represents her longevity in the entertainment industry but that fact that she is still alive. Campbell suffers from sarcoidosis, an inflammatory disease that affects multiple organs in the body, but mostly the lungs and lymph glands. Returning to her musical roots and performing live at her and her husband’s L.A. restaurant Xex Lounge has proven to be a winning combination both for her personally and professionally.


“Now I am back to the thing that saved me and my family. Music has saved me again. Because I am singing now, I have started exercising my lungs and they’re getting more air. Music has also allowed me to not only release these new songs but it’s helping me to breathe again,” said Campbell-Martin.

She went on to say that music is actually the best way people will get to know the real Tisha. “Being able to now do music is going to allow people to get to know me as a person because I do write everything. Most of the time, people know me as a character and they don’t know the real person. Hopefully, these songs will allow fans to see the real me.”

Check out Tisha’s single “Steel Here” and take a look at more pics below:


Tisha Campbell-Martin on stage with moderator Charmin Lee


Tisha Campbell-Martin giving advice to a young producer during Q&A session


Tisha Campbell-Martin and Charmin Lee while her brother Stanley looks on


Tisha Campbell-Martin with “Living Single” actor T.C. Carson


Ray Cornelius with Tisha Campbell-Martin

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