The ever-dapper actor, Wood Harris, stopped by The Wendy Williams show today chatting it up about his Broadway debut in A Streetcar Named Desire and more!  Wendy said Wood’s interview on her former show The Wendy Williams Experience was her “best ever!”

“I am myself…and sometimes very earthy,” Wood responded when Wendy complimented him on ‘always keeping it real’ and his ‘earthy’ apparel.  The actor, poet and freestyle-rapper…that’s right, Wood raps…loves his first-time Broadway stint.  “I am super-enjoying a live audience.”  Wood plays Mitch, Blanche’s suitor played by Nicole Ari Parker, in Streetcar.

Sherwin David Harris is his birthname but the actor stated he was called everything but that!  “Sherwin w-i-n, not Sherman Wendy or Sherwood; I told my mom she gave me the wrong name.  I tried changing it a million times…”  Wood may be what he goes by but he is probably best known as Avon Barksdale to most.  The actor played a drug kingpen in the critically acclaimed HBO series The Wire.  Wendy asked him why he wanted Avon’s character to be killed off the show.  “I wanted the character to end and not just go to jail, just like Idris wanted Stringer killed off, I wanted my character to end to show that it’s over;  It’s over now, the show is recorded but it’s over for us.”

Wood is a jack-of-all-trades and acting isn’t his only talent.  He shared with Wendy that ‘back in the day he opened up for A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul!’  He was also featured on Russell Simmons Def Comedy Jam in its hay-day.  Check out his flow below!

[youtube id=”35u8jrGEyHU” width=”600″ height=”350″]

 A Streetcar Named Desire officially opens at Broadhurst Theatre on April 22!  Click here and enjoy the video highlights of the show from!